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From: Rob Hoek
Subject: preteen nude bikini lolitas Family Vacation (5)Family Vacation
(5) Shelby ran her hand over her Brother's smooth chest, her slender fingers
bringing goose flesh to his skin and a tingling sensation to his balls. She
roamed over his tummy, and then ran her fingers into his sparse pubes and
tugged at them, causing Robby to yelp in mock pain. She giggled at his
reaction, and then grasped his once again rigid boyhood and stroked it, her
fingertip playing at the perfectly shaped knob as he groaned in
pleasure. Carefully, she cupped his scrotum in her palm, and gently rolled
his balls as she said, "Gosh, Robby, touching you is so cool...I wondered for a long time what
it might be like, I'm, like, always checking you out, especially when I get
to see you in just those hot little underwear you wear, or anytime you wear
tight shorts, young lolita naked links or jeans, and wow, now I actually get to see you all naked,
and all big and hard, not that it's not really cute all soft and little,
it's just that it isn't like that very much." Robby savored the delicious sensations his little Sister was evoking as
she played with his cock and balls, and hearing her admit that she had been
surreptitiously checking him out in a sexual way somehow really turned him
on. He splayed his legs wider, giving her all the access she wanted to
explore him, and he told her, "Wow, Shel...really...?...that's awesome...and you know what...?...I've
been doing it too...checking you out a lot, I didn't actually
think it was an accident all those times I came in your room when I was
hoping to catch you undressed, or those times I came in the bathroom acting
like I didn't know you were in there, did you...?...I was always hoping to
see you naked, or almost naked...and, is all!" Shelby giggled, and asian lolitas at play replied, "Man, what a bummer, all that time we wasted when we could have just
gone for it...I mean, I wanted to, and so did you, and now we find out that
even Mom and Dad think it's cool that you and stuff!" Robby shuddered as she probed the tiny slit in his cock head with a
fingertip, and preteen model lolita stars
he replied, "Yea, wasted time, for sure...but hey, who knew...?...I really freaked
out there in the car when I saw Mom watching us...I mean, jeez, I had my
hand down your shorts when I first saw her watching...I was sure she was
gonna murder me for doing that to you, even though fingering you that way
was totally worth dying for!" Shelby giggled again, reliving the astonishing turn of events that
revealed their parents both were not only okay with her and Robby being
sexy, they actually had been wanting it to happen, apparently for quite
some time, apparently to the degree that they had conjured up this vacation
idea, renting a cabin that would require her and Robby to sleep
together...amazing...and that thought spurned another startling revelation,
that their parents acted like they might want to get into something with
them too. Still rubbing her brothers erection, she gazed at him seriously,
and asked, "Robby, do you think that Mom and Dad want to, um, play around
too...?...with us, I mean?" Robby was struggling to keep his attention on the conversation but his
Sister playing with him this way made it difficult, but he answered, "It pretty much seems like it, yea...or at least maybe just watch us do actually seems like kind of a hot idea...weird, maybe...but do you feel about that idea, Shel?" She gave a little shrug, and replied, "I'm okay about it, I think...I mean, I really like what we are doing,
and I know there's lots more we can do, and probably some stuff we don't
even know about that they can show us...I guess we'll see what
happens...Robby, is it okay if on you again...?'s so
awesome!" Robby groaned happily at her suggestion, he had actually been working up
the nerve to ask her suck him again, thinking that it had felt so amazing
when she did it before, even though it had only been for a couple of
minutes before he had lost it and shot his load. He looked directly into
his little Sisters pretty eyes, and smiled, as he said, "Oh God, fact, please yes...anytime...all the
sucking my dick felt so good...the best, actually...and I'm sorry about
cumming in your mouth that way...I just flat lost it...I'll try to tell you
before that happens, okay? real lolita bbs sites Shelby slid lower on the bed, and lifted her Brother's proud cock off
his groin as she blew her warm breath over it, and told him, giggling
softly, "Don't be sorry, Robby...that was, like, the best surprised me
a little, for sure, but I really liked how it felt...and how it tastes,
too...I want you to do that again." "Oh God!" groaned Robby as his little Sister took his pulsing erection
into her warm, wet mouth and began sucking it as her slim fingers toyed
with his tender balls. "That feels so amazing, are, like, the
best Sister ever!" Shelby loved hearing that from her big Brother, and his praise fueled
her already hotly burning desire to pleasure him this way, and with a
quickly growing expertise that she had no idea she had, she moved her
drooling mouth over the length of his rigid erection, settling into a
steady rhythm that had his hips bucking up and down as he closed his eyes,
and gave himself over to the incredible feelings that pulsed throughout his
body. The only sounds in the room were the wicked slurping noises Shelby was
making as she sucked her Brother and his soft groans of pleasure, and
Shelby savored the slightly tart flavor of his oozing excitement, and she
finally understood why the internet searches she had done were fraught with
pictures of girls and women sucking their guys, and why some of the high
school girls she had overheard gossiping about dates always seemed to be
discussing sucking boys, and the variety of flavors of their semen. No
wonder, she thought, doing this is so hot, and she loved how excited and
happy Robby acted when she sucked him, and she could barely wait for him to
deliver another offering of his warm, sweet cream for her to taste, and
swallow. I'm so lucky, she decided, I have this totally hot big Brother who
says I can suck him anytime I want to...and maybe a Daddy who will let me,
too! Robby reveled in the pleasure that enveloped him, and he opened his eyes
to look down over his torso to watch his sweet little Sisters head bobbing
over his throbbing cock, and he harbored very similar thoughts toward her
as he surrendered to the sweet agony that suddenly filled his balls as
another powerful orgasm began to build. He felt his balls rise, and
tighten, and then discharge another volley of thick semen into the rock
hard shaft of his pulsing cock, and he hammered his balled fists on the bed
as he yelped, "Oh shit, it comes, Babe...gonna cum...!" The verbal warning served to prepare Shelby for the ensuing eruption
this time, and she sucked steadily, eager now for the sudden burst of fluid
that she knew would flood her mouth any second, and her hand tightened
around Robby's plump sack, not really knowing the maneuver would heighten
his already breath-taking pleasure, and it was the final straw for Robby
who thrust sharply upward, and with a long, low growling noise he erupted
into his little Sisters magic mouth once more.
The first powerful jet shot directly into the back of Shelby's throat,
and she stifled the urge to gag, instead relaxing her muscles to allow her
Brother's sweet cream to slide down her throat as another, and then
another, and then another spurt of the warm and viscous fluid filled her
mouth to the point that the overflow dribbled from the corners of her mouth
to run off her chin and fall in pearls to her tiny breasts. Finally, Robby
was spent, and he sagged back on the bed like a rag doll, his chest heaving
as he gulped in air. Shelby continued sucking and licking his wilting cock,
and when she had captured the last dribble of his tasty cum, she lifted her
head, and proudly smiled at her big Brother. He grinned widely, and felt a
response in his cock despite the recent spending when he saw his cute
little Sister's chin and her tiny tits smeared with his cum, and when she
moved back up beside him, he wrapped his arms around her petite little
body, and pulled her close, his tongue extending to lap away the overflow
of his fluids from her face, and then those lovely nipples, before softly
kissing her lush mouth, his tongue probing inside to taste his own flavor
that still lingered in her mouth. The passionate kissing quickly escalated, and it wasn't long before
round two of hot sex was well under way, Robby giving his best to provide
pleasure to his little Sister equal to that she had just provided him. As
far as Shelby was concerned, he was doing a five-star job, beginning with
vast amounts of oral and manual stimulation to her tiny but delightful
breasts and stiff nipples, and then moving on to an totally amazing
exploration of her sodden little slit, his fingers setting her tender folds
on fire as he dipped them into her warm wetness and worked her swollen
little clit into a froth of pure pleasure. At the moment, she thought she
might just climb the wall as her big Brother took her hard little button
between his lips and sucked it like a tiny penis while his longest finger
moved in and out of her slipperiness like a small piston. Her small butt
rolled back and forth under her, the multitude of sensations flowing
through her making it impossible to stay still, and she felt the steady
buildup of orgasm deep inside. Her breathing was ragged as she swallowed
large gulps of air, her slender fingers tugging at her Brother's hair as he
lapped and sucked at her core, preteens sucking on lollipops
his fingers probing inside her juicy pussy,
and as he black lolita nude models
worked his tongue around the base of her button, she fell off the
edge, her pussy seeming to spasm as her inner muscles clamped tightly on
his fingers and a flood of her girl-juices poured into Robby's mouth. She
panted and moaned, her head rolling on the pillow as the stunning orgasm
took her completely, leaving her exhausted, and absolutely at peace. Robby sensed her relaxing, and he lifted his head, his face flushed,
and glistening with his Sisters juices. Moving up alongside her, they
cuddled once more, and then were startled when they heard the sound of
applause. Looking to the doorway, they saw their parents standing there
clapping at their performance, and both kids blushed simultaneously. Their
parents simply grinned at them, and then walked over to the bed where lolita preteen yr video they
sat on the edge, and hugged their children in turn, praising them for the
progress they had made in such a short time period. Both kids were slightly
sheepish at their total nudity in the presence of their parents, and at the
idea that their parents had witnessed Robby eating Shelby's pussy, but the
skittishness soon faded as they realized how comfortable their parents were
with the whole situation. Finally, Dave stood up, a very noticeable erection tenting the front of
his shorts, and announced, "Okay gang...up and at `em...we have groceries to put away, and then get
dinner black lolita nude models going." As he passed out the doorway, he paused, and said over his shoulder, "No need for you kids to dress, unless of course you want to..." Shelby and Robby shot each other quick glances, checking to see how the
other felt about staying naked and Robby just shrugged, saying
nothing. Shelby rolled off the bed, and headed to the bathroom while Robby
and his Mom watched her go. Robby enjoyed seeing his little Sister's cute
butt wiggle hotly as she walked away, and when he looked back at his Mom,
he saw her staring intently at his semi-hard boyhood, a small smile real lolita bbs sites at the
corners of her mouth. "Man, Mom...I really think Shelby's hot, don't you...?...and I'm so
stoked about us getting to do stuff, and having you and Dad be preteen nude bikini lolitas so cool with
it so rocks!" Lynn smiled some more, and agreed with her young Son regarding Shelby
being hot, and then she added to it, saying, "You're Dad and I think your Sister is definitely a cutie, and she has a
very sexy little body that I'm sure you very much are beginning to enjoy,
but she also happens to be a very lucky girl, having such a sexy stud as
you for a Brother. Dad and I are just so happy that the two of you feel
comfortable about having sex together, and we not only are cool with it, as
you put it, we have for some time now preteen nude bikini lolitas hoped that you two would begin to see
each other in that way. We very much want you kids to experience all of the
things that interest you in that way, the only rule is that everyone
involved needs to be okay with the activity, and no one gets hurt in any
way. Now, that said, what healthy female wouldn't want to avail herself of
such a lovely young cock as this beauty?" and with that, Lynn reached out,
and grasped Robby's suddenly thickening boyhood in her hand, stroking it to
full hardness. Robby gasped loudly, his eyes locking on his Mom's fist pumping his
cock, and he croaked hoarsely, "MOM...oh gosh...that awesome!" Lynn chuckled throatily, smiling coyly at her teenage Son, and then she
bent down, and slid that fine, young boner into her soft, warm mouth and
began expertly sucking it. Dave had long held that his wife was the supreme
talent when it came to performing blow jobs, and had he been able to speak
at the moment, Robby would have doubtless concurred, in spades. His little
Sis was surprisingly good at the act in her own right, but there was simply
no comparison to his Mom's well practiced skill, and when she pulled off
Robby's cock he groaned in protest, at least until she captured the whole
of his hairless scrotum and its tender contents into her mouth, and
proceeded to give him a mind-blowing ball sucking that he wasn't likely to
forget anytime soon. As she expertly sucked his balls, his Mom resumed
stroking his rigid boyhood until he began offering up a steady stream of
oozing precum fluids, at which time she released his plump pouch, and began
tongue swabbing the tart flavored juices as they leaked from his very
sensitive slit. "OH GOD...!" bellowed Robby, his Mom's talented mouth and tongue quickly
bringing forth yet another offering of his creamy boy-honey At the exact moment his tight little ass thrust up into his Mom's mouth
to deliver what would be the fourth offering from his balls that day, his
Dad appeared preteen nude bikini lolitas
in the open door, having been concerned at hearing his Son's
loud outburst. He stopped dead in his tracks, stunned and amazed at seeing
his wife sucking their young Son's cock for all she was worth, and then
watched mesmerized as Robby quite obviously, and noisily, filled his Mom's
sucking mouth with a copious load of warm, young cum. Lynn gamely swallowed
each spurt of her Son's delicious cum as Dave watched her Adam's apple bob
several times, maybe four, or five, he counted. As Robby's spasms quieted,
Lynn sat up, an errant streamer of Robby's cum drooling from her mouth as
she looked first at a stunned Robby, and then her broadly grinning
husband. She offered a wide grin, and Dave hurried across the bedroom to
bend down and kiss his wife full on the cummy tasting mouth, his tongue
swabbing the inside of her mouth to share in his Son's fresh taste. Robby
watched in awe as his parents shared his cum, and when they broke the kiss,
he gasped again when his Dad gripped his cock, and rubbed it, as he said, "Way to give it to Mom, Stud...looked like a hell of a load, too...she
can sure suck cock, can't she...?...and a damn fine cock yours is, I might
add." A myriad of mixed emotions flooded Robby's brain as he watched his
Father play with his cock, and he could barely believe the events of this
incredible day, beginning with what he had thought at free asian lolita pics the time to be
surreptitious sex-play with Shelby in the back of the car through the
unbelievable granting of full permission to do so from their parents, and
then back to back oral sex events with his Sister followed by a mind
bending blow job from his Mom, and now this, his Dad playing with his cock
and balls while his Mom watched. Jeez, he thought as he felt his well spent
cock respond yet again to his Dad's expert stimulation, what an awesome
family I have!(Story Continues)
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